Week 2 – $70 this time


**$70 – not quite as cheap as my last one but still good. Like my last one it’s just the dinners and all with vegetables. All costed from Coles online website

This feeds our family of 5 (me, 23yr son, 16yr son, 8yr girl, 7yr boy)

*we don’t manage on a loaf of bread and a litre of milk, I’ve included these because they’re used in my recipes

*if my family are extra hungry I put a plate of bread and butter on the table too

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Sausage hotpot
Rissoles and vegetables
Roast chicken and vegetables
Shepherds pie
Sausages with onion gravy and vegetables
Macaroni beef

spaghetti 0.65
macaroni 1.00
coles instant traditional gravy, 120g tin 1.80
Massels beef stock cubes 1.09
coles tin tomato soup 0.80
2 x Coles baked beans 1.30
700g jar Capriccio passata 1.50
coles tin diced tomatoes 0.60
coles long life milk 1 litre 0.90

2 x Natures nutrients frozen spinach 250g 1.98
Coles frozen corn cobs 1kg 2.50
Coles frozen peas carrots and corn 1kg 3.00
Coles Australian frozen peas 1kg 2.90
coles 250g butter pat 1.60

2 x 1kg beef 3 star mince (split into 4 x 500g) 14.00
Coles tray BBQ sausages 1.8kg (divided into 14 & 8) 8.00
Coles large (1.8kg) whole chicken 7.20
250g streaky bacon (deli) 2.88 (any bacon is fine)

2 x 2kg bags Royal Blue washed potatoes 9.00
1kg bag onions 1.50
2 x 1kg bags carrots 4.00
1 zucchini 0.95

1 x loaf Coles white bread

total $70.00

the only things not included are salt, pepper, oil (you could use some of the butter) and any herbs you’d like to use (I have a spice rack that includes garlic powder for the spaghetti sauce)

500g beef mince
3 slices bread, made into crumbs and then made soggy with a splash or 2 of milk
2 carrots, grated
1 zucchini, grated
Mix all together and make into balls. Bake 15 – 20 minutes 180 deg

Sauce: 1 onion diced
jar of passata
tin of tomatoes
1 stock cube
herbs and garlic if you have them

Fry onion and any herbs/garlic (if you have them) until onion is soft. Add passata, tin tomatoes, stock cube and spinach. Simmer gently for 5 – 10 minutes.

Serve meatballs on cooked spaghetti and cover with sauce

8 Sausages (fry them or boil them for 5 minutes – the skins come off when bolied)
2 tins baked beans
1/2 packet of peas carrots and corn
3 tablespoons gravy powder
1 onion, diced
bread and butter

Fry the onion. Add the vegetables, cut up sausages, baked beans (I drain one tin cos it’s too much sauce, so only use the sauce from 1 tin) and about 200ml water. Bring up to simmering and thicken with the gravy powder – stirring briskly

**We have this with hot buttered toast (a good way to use up the end pieces)

500g beef mince
half a packet of spinach
2 carrots, grated
1 or 2 finely diced or grated onions
3 slices of bread (made into crumbs and then made a bit soggy with a splash or 2 of milk)
salt and pepper and any herbs that you may have

served with 1kg potatoes mashed with butter and milk
1/3 bag of peas
5 carrots

**these rissoles work without eggs if you bake them in the oven on a tray. I still have eggs left from last week so will probably add an egg

large coles fresh chicken
1 kg potatoes – cut for roasting
5 carrots
1/3 of the bag of peas
1/2 the bag of corn cobs with butter
4 level tablespoons gravy powder (1/4 tin) made up with 300ml boiling water (I would then tip it into the pan the chook was roasted in to get the pan juices in the gravy)

Roast your chook in a 180 deg oven for about 1 1/2 hours. After 45 minutes turn the chook and add potatoes to the pan. I also roast the carrots but you could just steam them. Serve with the peas and corn cobs

**We eat the whole chicken between the 5 of us – no leftovers

500g beef mince
1 onion
3 level tablespoons gravy powder
1/2 bag peas carrots and corn
1/2 bag frozen spinach
1kg potatoes with butter and milk to mash
2 tablespoons butter melted to brush the top with
salt and pepper and herbs (if you have any)

Cook the potatoes and mash with butter and milk. Fry mince and onions. I don’t add oil or butter because enough fat comes out of the mince. If you are using herbs add them now. Cook until the mince is browned and the onions are soft. Add the vegetables and spinach and about a cup of water. Simmer for about 5 minutes and then thicken with the gravy powder. Pour this Mixture into a baking dish and top with the mashed potato. It browns up nicely with the melted butter brushed on top. Bake 180 deg until golden brown on top (15 or 20 mins)

14 sausages
2 onions
4 level tablespoons gravy powder (1/4 tin)
1 kg potatoes
milk and butter to mash
1/3 bag of peas
5 carrots

Cook sausages and keep them warm while you make the onion gravy. Gently fry the onions until soft (takes about 5 minutes). In a jug or a large mug put the gravy powder first and then add 300ml boiling water and stir quickly with fork til no lumps. Add to the onions and add a splash of water if it’s too thick
Serve with mashed potatoes and cooked peas and carrots

500g beef mince
375g macaroni (3/4 packet)
250g diced streaky bacon
1 onion, diced
2 carrots, diced
1/2 packet frozen spinach
tin of tomato soup
1 stock cube
salt and pepper and herbs/garlic (if you have them)

Cook macaroni, drain and set aside. Fry the mince, diced bacon and onions (again I don’t use any oil). Add herbs/garlic (if you have them). Cook until onions are soft and mince is brown. Add the stock cube, tin of soup and a soup can of water, the carrots and the frozen spinach. Simmer for 15 minutes. Take off the heat, add the macaroni and put the lid on for about 5 minutes (to soak up some of the sauce). I make this in my big electric frypan. It’s one of my kids favourite dinners
Serve with the other half a packet of corn cobs and butter

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – $70 this time

  1. Its amazing how much you can save when you menu plan and shop sales. We are also a family of 5 and some weeks spend as little as $50 on groceries, I have a lot of allergies and we eat Paleo … none of my children are “starving” or withering away. People always seem to negative when others talk about their grocery savings. Menu plan, Shop sales and cook from scratch. Its simple, affordable and healthy. Glad I found your blog i’ll be sure to add it to my watched list.


    1. thanks so much 🙂 my kids are pretty easily pleased for breakfast. Most morning they are happy to have wheetbix/vita brits for breakfast. On the weekends we often have pancakes or french toast instead. Lunches during the week are a sandwich each – 2 for the older boys, 1-3 pieces of fruit, something homemade like chocolate wheetbix slice or anzac biscuits and a small packet of chips (for school lunches). I make some sort of soup on the weekend which my older son and myself enjoy and I take the leftovers to work for my lunch. On our sandwiches we have cheese, grated cheese & carrot, peanut butter, sometimes devon and sauce or egg and lettuce. The kids like cheese & tomato toasties for lunch on the weekends. Snacks are anything that’s left over, nutella sandwiches, fruit, homemade treats or popcorn


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