About me

I started this blog in response to so many people liking and sharing my meal plans in a Facebook group that I belong to. I am a divorced mother of 7. I still have 4 of my kids at home and my meal plans are for them plus me. I have had to budget carefully my whole adult life. Carefully watching my money doesn’t scare me, it empowers me because I feel I’m in charge of my life. I live and work in a small town in Far North Queensland, Australia. My job takes me into the community cleaning and caring for elderly and disabled people. I love it! I feel so lucky to have all that I have and grateful to be able to manage on a low income

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. As Sarah’s mother I can vouch for how she has managed on a low budget. She is an amazing cook and I love be asked to dinner. You should see what she does for birthday dinners on a budget. I am proud of what she has achieved as a single mother.


    1. I have a pintrest account but haven’t get any of my own photo’s on there yet. I will see how to go about it and let you know when I start posting – thanks for the suggestion šŸ™‚


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